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Golden-headed Lion Tamarin of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Golden-headed Lion Tamarin

The Golden-headed Lion Tamarin is one of the native species to Brazilian Atlantic Forest which is still endangered despite conservation works.   The Brazilian Atlantic Forest, one of the Earth’s tropical rainforests, is ranked among the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots thanks to the animal and plant wealth it preserves. This …

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Indian elephants migration journey across the “killer tracks”

Indian elephants migration journey across the "killer tracks"

In the Indian subcontinent, to the east of the Himalayan chain, the phenomenon of the migration of herds of animals, especially elephants, in search of water, food and shelter, takes place biologically and seasonally. However, increasing habitat fragmentation due to agricultural and transport activities and habitat loss have caused more …

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Vultures among the most endangered birds on the planet

Les vautours parmi les oiseaux les plus menacés de la planète

12 vulture breeds are now listed as endangered or critically endangered, which means that vultures are one of the most endangered bird groups on the planet.   Vultures are among the most adaptable birds to changing habitats on the planet. They also learned to live alongside humans. They are used …

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The ecosystem is largely endangered by grazing

The ecosystem is largely endangered by grazing

Several human perturbations have endangered ecosystem and biodiversity and caused unprecedented degradation of native lands. Food production is particularly impactful on biodiversity by changing natural habitats to cultivated land or pastures. Domestic livestock grazing is currently holding 26% of all land cover according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of …

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