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Tree management in a smart city to be greener

Tree management in a smart city to be greener

The smart city uses new information and communication technologies to optimize and improve the quality of urban services, for example reducing costs. These technologies are in the form of electronic data collection sensors. The energy efficiency that a smart city can guarantee has encouraged its adoption as a possible greener alternative that can be standardized with the concept of the green city despite what the technologies used may present as constraints.


The desire to be a part of the response to environmental challenges has induced several organizational, technological and societal changes in today’s cities. Indeed, ensuring a prosperous life cannot preclude the achievehment of environmental and sustainability goals. So a city can be both smart and green thanks to smart management of resources but also of trees.

Smart technologies, precisely, the Internet of Things (IoT) was explored in the innovation of green cities and it was more used in smart waste management, which includes checking the proportion of waste and its organization and in energy (energy efficiency and local production). But, smart and connected management for trees would also improve the city’s air quality and reduce its carbon footprint.

An augmented reality encounter would allow for example city residents to point to a specific tree, view their health or check the quality of the air that it offers. It is estimated that there are between 50 and 80 road trees per 1000 inhabitants in Europe. So trees must be a part in the intelligence of cities.


A prototype of a smart tree was presented by a team of Emirati researchers in a book published by the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland. This prototype would allow detection of noise pollution, carbon content, humidity and light, temperature, vibrations and air quality of a tree. All these sensors are connected to a cloud server allowing instant evaluation. The developers of the prototype wish also to apply future improvements by simulating an infrastructure of a current city.

 Milan 2030, towards a totally green city

Environmental issues have therefore given the smart city another place around human and nature needs.

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